1/9/2017  another year! and this year should be more productive for
web site, as I take class in web class, and Java,, hopefully,, to learn more on web development. 

12/11/2016  A long gap,,, and life went on, but this site, stalled, but life allows restarts, and so, this site begins again to add content and the process of learning again. 

Happy start of winter for those that live in the North, but wherever you live, changing of seasons are time to switch gears, for potential activities. Maybe its skiing, or ice climbing, or even those put off projects indoor time.

Greetings, Today is a fresh day, of your Life

11/17/14: So much potential, a Monday, best not to get weighed down too much, keep the bites small, and make progress.  So, keep that email down to zero!  So, you can work on extra tasks without worrying about missing stuff.

11/16/14: Sundays, so good to ponder goals and tasks, not too much. Consider trying one new subject, or even a nap to recharge the batteries. 

11/15/14: Saturday! always a positive day, a day that broadcasts fun, and the perfect day to do those things we often don't have time, or even chores., but first a coffee, or some indulgence, since
the other benefit is to go at your pace. 

11/14/14: One of barriers to today is well yesterday,  we often
let the weight of not doing prevent doing today.... and 
well Why,, just because you did not exercise yesterday
does not mean you cannot today! 

Update: 11/13/14: Why wait on your bucket list?
The overall philosophy of this site, is to not delay
your life, or defer everything to a Bucket list. 

but to think of your life as a continuum, by asking 
Why Not on a daily or even hourly basis, of why not a life,

 why not exercise?
 look at the sunset, 
and 1000's of other potential experiences.